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Roger Sanchez

We are thrilled to feature Grammy Award-winning DJ and Producer Roger Sanchez as our next original in the Smiley “We Are All Original” campaign. From his beginnings at the High School of Art and Design to his iconic residency in Ibiza, Roger Sanchez has become a legendary figure in the world of music and dance. His upbringing in a Latin household deeply influenced his musical journey, blending Latin, disco, funk, and soul into a unique and captivating sound.

For some, creativity is innate. For Roger Sanchez, DJing transcends mere performance; it is an art form that fosters unity and connection. As an ex-breakdancer, Sanchez brings a unique perspective to his DJ sets, envisioning the experience from the crowd’s viewpoint. This immersive approach allows him to guide his audience through a transformative dance experience, creating unforgettable memories and evoking powerful emotions.

“One of the things that has really cemented my love of DJing has been the act of communication and expression. To control the crowd and connect with an audience that I used to be part of.”

Join us in celebrating Roger Sanchez’s originality and his profound impact on the music and dance scene. Click here to learn more about the "We Are All Original" campaign and the amazing artists involved.

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