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Saul Nash

Saul Nash, the trailblazer from North East London has been redefining the boundaries of technical menswear and luxury sportswear since launching his eponymous brand in 2018.

A visionary at heart, Saul's journey is a testament to the power of merging passions, as his work elegantly dances at the intersection of fashion and movement. His creations are not just garments; they are a call to freedom, encouraging expression through the fluidity of motion. This ethos is rooted deeply in Saul's own experiences, growing up in an environment where dance and fashion were means of personal storytelling and identity shaping.

With accolades such as the International Woolmark Prize 2022 and the Queen Elizabeth II award for British Design to his name, Saul has not only captured the attention of the global fashion community but has also set new standards for what technical menswear can represent.

This partnership reflects a shared vision for a future where creativity and positive action drive change. Through this collection, Saul continues to explore the synergy between functionality and style, while infusing his designs with a sense of joy and liberation that Smiley® represents.