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Celebrate the rain with a Smile(y)

Celebrate the rain with a Smile(y)

The winter weather might get you down, but adorning yourself in a brightly-coloured Smiley raincoat is surely a guaranteed way to cheer you up.

Rainkiss has collaborated with Smiley to create a limited-edition series of sustainable adult and kids rain ponchos and bucket hats.

The collection takes inspiration from Smiley’s 50 years of heritage, says Rainkiss, to create this series of ponchos – ideal for the upcoming season. 

And the designs range from brightly-rainbow-coloured, to the classic Smiley yellow and black.

Or, opt for a more subtle black and white Smiley design, all with a front pocket and drawstring hood. 

Simple, yes classic. 

The Rainbow Art Poncho is the standout poncho from the crowd. Why the rainbow, you ask? Rainkiss says when sunlight hits a rain droplet some of the light is reflected, separating into colours.

And when that light exits the rain droplet it makes a rainbow. That’s what inspired this poncho, with multi-coloured gradients and the fun Smiley icon.  

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