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Coachella 2024: Bringing House of Smiley to the US


Smiley has embarked on an exciting adventure, launching the House of Smiley in the United States! This fun and creative project is all about hosting amazing events around the world, spreading joy, sustainability, and creativity wherever we go.

A Grand Debut at Coachella: Launching the House of Smiley in the US and Beyond

Our House of Smiley made its big debut at Coachella, and it was a massive hit! With a vibrant lineup of influencers and partners, we turned the House of Smiley into a lively hub of creativity and positivity. Festival-goers enjoyed everything from relaxing yoga sessions and stunning beauty makeovers to high-energy dance parties, all set against the iconic Coachella backdrop.

Our Smiley fashion and lifestyle brands shone brightly on social media, capturing the essence of our brand and offering everyone an immersive experience. From start to finish, it was an unforgettable event that left a lasting impression.

Continuing The Journey

The House of Smiley isn’t stopping here. We’re taking this show on the road to spread even more positivity and creativity around the globe. Our mission is to bring unique Smiley products and exciting experiences to new audiences everywhere.

Promoting Wellness and Sustainability

At Smiley, we’re all about fostering creativity and well-being. The House of Smiley offers wellness workshops, mindfulness retreats, and promotes self-care. You can expect experiences that blend relaxation, inspiration, and entertainment, all in one place.

Our events are designed to create lasting memories and build a community that shares our love for creativity and happiness. Whether you’re attending a soothing yoga session, a painting class, or a music therapy workshop, each activity is crafted to enhance your mental and physical health. We believe in the power of positive experiences to transform lives, and our goal is to make every participant feel rejuvenated and inspired.

The House of Smiley’s journey is a celebration of art, lifestyle, and positivity, all tied to our mission of spreading joy. By integrating mindfulness practices with creative expression, we offer a unique approach to wellness that nurtures both the body and soul.

Giving Back to The Community

As part of our House of Smiley initiative, we will be spotlighting local organisations on our sister channel- Smiley News. In LA, we had the pleasure of meeting the team at LA Artshare, a space that provides underrepresented artists access to art programs, workspaces and affordable housing in the Los Angeles area.

We will be continuing this in the local communities in which we activate House of Smiley, to further highlight positivity worldwide!

Join The Movement

Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming events. As we travel the world, the House of Smiley will keep bringing innovative and impactful experiences to new audiences. Join us as we continue to spread smiles and make a difference, one stop at a time.

If you’re a business looking to collaborate or want to learn more about how the House of Smiley can enhance your brand, reach out to us. Let’s work together to spread smiles and make a positive impact!

A huge thank you to all our amazing partners who helped make this journey incredible.

Smiley is thrilled to be on this journey and can’t wait to bring more joy and creativity to a location near you. Follow us on social media for the latest updates and event announcements. Let’s make the world a happier, one smile at a time!