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Meet Syreeta, our latest star in the Smiley “We Are All Original” campaign. Syreeta is a groundbreaking producer and DJ, who stands out as a proud British, queer, black woman. She is a bold voice in the music industry, breaking barriers and redefining originality. For Syreeta, DJing is all about uniting communities and sharing positive vibes through her music.

Syreeta’s love for music started in her father’s bar, surrounded by diverse sounds that shaped her eclectic taste. Embracing her identity as a queer, black female artist, she found her true calling in house music. This genre gave her a profound sense of belonging and has been a cornerstone of her musical career. Mixmag recently praised her for a sound as diverse as her life, highlighting her global influence and unique style. Check out Syreeta’s main video to explore her inspiring journey and hear how she uses music to celebrate her identity.

“Being a woman, queer and black - I’ve got all the odds against me…My difference is unique and beautiful.”

Join us in honouring Syreeta’s authenticity and her journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Her music is more than just sound; it’s a celebration of her identity and a beacon of inspiration for others.

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