Smiley believes in a better future.

For the past 50 years, Smiley has embraced positivity, creativity, and collaboration, inspiring forward-facing optimism around the world.

Born as a symbol for good news in the newspaper France Soir in 1972, Smiley is now a universally recognised TOP 100 global licensing company registered in over 100 countries.

Working with brand partners and leading retailers, Smiley spreads positivity through fashion, accessories, beauty, homewares, food packaging, stationery, and entertainment products.
A lifestyle brand that encourages everyone to express more empathy, compassion, and gratitude, Smiley is determined to build a better future.

This starts by taking the time to smile.



First published as Franklin Loufrani’s symbol for positive news in France Soir in 1972, Smiley emerged as an emblem for anyone preferring to swap a narrative of despair with possibility and promise.



During the hedonistic 80s, Smiley became the face of defiant optimism for a generation finding refuge on the dance floors of the subversive underground.



The dawn of the digital age pushed Loufrani’s son Nicolas to start the Smiley dictionary, creating Emoticons that codified emotional intelligence into a new universal language.



Cue the era of hyper-collaboration, where Smiley was embraced by preeminent fashion houses as a way to re-focus minds and recalibrate moods.



Smiley doubles down on its commitment to deepen emotional intelligence, while launching The Smiley Movement – to connect brands to charities and positive change-makers in more meaningful ways.



While the Pandemic heightened fear and uncertainty about the future, Smiley’s defiantly optimistic ethos was re-energised – a beacon of positivity, creativity and collaboration for anyone looking for connection and inspiration.


Ambitious, authentic, and forward-thinking, Smiley’s plan for the future is defiantly optimistic.

Harnessing our heritage, global network, and the power of the smile, Smiley will continue to lead the world toward a future we all actually want to be part of.

Being happy and positive about the future is not just an aspiration, but at this pinnacle moment in modern history, happiness is both a right and a roadmap.

If the last 50 years of Smiley are any indication, taking the time to smile is something we can all rally around.