Smiley is the original creator of Internet graphic emoticons since 1997 and licensed globally to over 800 companies since then. We are part of the License Global top 125 licensors.

Smiley is a protected trademark and own copyrights and trademarks valid throughout the world.

The Smiley Company not only protect our original logo, but also our icons and various characters. Smiley has the rights to over 3000 emoticons. In 2015 we undertook 138 legal actions which resulted in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of products. We will seize infringement products at borders, in warehouses and from stores, in order to protect our properties through our global enforcement network.


If you believe that you are about to purchase products that might be infringing on our IP, do not hesitate to contact our legal team.

For a list of official Smiley licensees, contact


The Smiley Company has created a variety of different characters which are all protected by global copyrights, these have been registered in Washington and are valid throughout the world.

The first Smiley character copyright was created in 1989.