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Boutique boxing... with a smile

Boutique boxing... with a smile

Elion Paris has created its very first collaboration… with none other than the original Smiley brand.

To celebrate the icon’s 50th anniversary, Smiley and Elion joined forces to create one-of-a-kind boxing gloves.

The boutique boxing brand used their signature pair of L’Elégant boxing gloves as a base, then dressed them in the iconic colours of Smiley.

They’re made from full-grain Nappa leather, which provides increased resistance over time.

Yellow Elion Paris x Smiley Boxing Gloves


“In addition, we have chosen a yellow leather that is a little darker than the original SMILEY® colour in order to assert this touch of French elegance and refinement,” they say.

“The popular expression says that the devil is in the details, an expression that we have tried to follow to the letter! Elegance is synonymous with graceful and light beauty, which is why we wanted this pair of boxing gloves to be fine and sleek.”

The style and design of the gloves is a continuation of Elion’s products in their Collection Paris range.

They’ve also used a new absorbent foam, so the glove protects your hands from impact during training – ”but without the glove being too imposing or bulky,” they say.

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