urban outfitters
Tuesday April, 12

Urban Outfitters collab with Smiley for a Europe wide pop-up as part of Smiley’s 50th-anniversary celebrations

Global fashion brand Urban Outfitters have rolled out its unique interpretation of the Smiley ethos across their European retail branches, offering an ambitious and carefully selected collection of brand collaborations. Available at stores in London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Milan, Copenhagen Barcelona, Glasgow and Antwerp, the pop-up includes products featuring the Smiley logo reimagined by Paris based Swedish graffiti artist Andre Saraiva, who customized over 50 products as part of a collector’s edition which stretches across clothing, accessories, technology and more. Shoppers can expect to find key products featured in the store such as iets frans … x Smiley + 50th Anniversary collectors editions.

As part of this unique campaign, Urban Outfitters has created a pop-up room environment for consumers to truly immerse themselves in the work of Smiley. From infinity mirror windows to branded changing rooms (in the Manchester and Oxford Circus branches), plenty of Smiley self(ie) expression opportunities can be found.

Streetwear and activewear brands include Champion, Eastpak, New Era and Happy Socks, while Loqi and Ciate provide fashion and beauty products. Neon signage brand Yellowpop will also be available as will Sunny Life, known for their inflatable swimming pool lines.

Find out more on the Urban Outfitters website.