art trail, ece
Tuesday May, 10

The SmileyWorld EQ Art Trail is unveiled across ECE shopping centres in Germany.

As part of Smiley’s collaboration with sustainable retail giant ECE, The SmileyWorld EQ Art Trail has been commissioned, taking place across 25 of ECE’s shopping centres.

The commission, which encourages visitors to ‘Get Emotional’ is an art trail of Smiley sculptures and 2D graphics, depicting the 27 most important human emotions, as identified by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.

As the most artistic and eye-catching part of this brand activation campaign, visitors can expect a unique display of emotions, highlighting Smiley’s support of creativity and artists. This provides an important source of inspiration for caring about one another, whilst offering an exciting walk through our emotional world!

“As the world is roaring back to life the SmileyWorld EQ Art Trail is all about getting people to re-discover the world with creativity and connection,”Ā said Smiley CEO Nicolas Loufrani. “SmileyWorld is a brand that helps people to learn about their emotions and become more emotionally intelligent. Located in shopping centres all over Germany, the EQ Art Trail is bringing this knowledge to a mass market at a time when so many people have been through such an emotional roller coaster. Encouraging people to learn and talk about their emotions in a fun, interactive way is not only healthy but fun too.”

The sculptures and 2D graphics were created by the following artists: Georgia Hamilton (The Prawn Shop), Pablo Escamez (AstroBalls), Salome Jokhadze, Kieran Glennon, Pablo Fontagnier (Hombre)

See below for some examples of the sculptures and also the 2D images which make up some of the 27 of the emotions.