Friday December, 24



The designers Charles and Ray Eames were almost as famous for their personal maxims as they were for their iconic chairs: Learn by Doing. Design is for living. Innovate as a last resort. And – perhaps most importantly of all – Take your pleasure seriously. In the Eames’ eyes, taking your pleasure seriously was less about lazing around on a sunlounger (although life should always include some of that) and more about making room to pursue your true interests and passions with focused dedication. The husband-and-wife design duo were extremely discerning about the projects they accepted, and remained committed to bringing a sense of exploratory playfulness to everything they did.

As we emerge into our new world, we should all spend some time thinking about the space we make for pleasure on a day-to-day basis. How much of our time is taken up by things we do out of a sense of obligation, even when neither the process nor the results make us feel particularly great? What would your work (and life) look like if you adopted a ‘pleasure-first’ philosophy? In a world that equates self-denial with self-mastery, reorienting our lives around the things that bring us joy feels like a radical act.

Smiley has always been a beacon for defiant optimism.

At this crucial moment in history, we are inspiring people to imagine, reflect, and manifest better futures.

In collaboration with author Phoebe Lovatt and a diverse array of visual artists we are sharing visions, thoughts, and philosophies on the future in an effort to inspire people with more positivity, creativity, and brighter, big-picture ideas.

Welcome to the #SmileyFutureProject.

Words by Phoebe Lovatt
Artwork by Wekaforé Jibril