Thursday December, 23


Smiling. It doesn’t sound like a particularly revolutionary concept, does it?

For most of us, smiling isn’t even something we think much about. If we’re lucky, we’ll go through the day encountering things that make us smile involuntarily: a ridiculous meme, a text from an old friend, a favourite song that comes up on shuffle. But science shows that smiling intentionally can enhance our lives, too. Even faking a smile can reduce both mental and physical stress (the reason your fitness instructor tells you to ‘smile through the pain’ when you’re holding a 3-minute plank). It also boosts your serotonin levels, and can even make you more attractive to others.

On top of all that, smiling is contagious: we’re more likely to break into a smile if someone is smiling back at us.

After months of covering our mouths – and our smiles – with masks, what better way to step into the future than by putting our best faces forward? It’s official: Smiling is back! Remember where you heard it first 🙂

Smiley has always been a beacon for defiant optimism.

At this crucial moment in history, we are inspiring people to imagine, reflect, and manifest better futures.

In collaboration with author Phoebe Lovatt and a diverse array of visual artists we are sharing visions, thoughts, and philosophies on the future in an effort to inspire people with more positivity, creativity, and brighter, big-picture ideas.

Welcome to the #SmileyFutureProject.

Words by Phoebe Lovatt
Artwork by the Smiley Design Team