Thursday August, 18

It’s time to drink happy with planet-friendly sodas

Pink lemonade, dandelion and burdock, and lime and lemon: these are just a few of the top-notch soda flavours in the latest collaboration between Happy Drinks Co. and Smiley.

They’ve come together with a shared vision: to create happier people and a happier planet. And who doesn’t want to experience joy when they’re having a refreshing drink?!

Many of us are often on a mission to live healthier, eat better, and drink better – which is exactly why this collab is so spot on. 

The drinks are zero-calorie and no-sugar, which means they’re “bursting with flavour, instead of sugar and chemical sweeteners”, said Ian Minton, Happy Drinks’ CEO. 

“As a healthy product consumer myself, I am happy to work with Happy Drinks to create a beverage that is calorie free, using only natural ingredients and fully recyclable materials for the cans, creating a new vision of what soda can be for the next generation,” added Nicolas Loufrani, CEO Smiley.