Friday June, 24

H&M launches tribute to ‘positiveism’ with Smiley

Smiley’s well-celebrated collaboration with H&M is a tribute to positive vibes this summer.

The collection – consisting of everything from jewellery and jeans, to crop tops and pyjamas – is an ode to positivity, with epic designs for a season of style.

Without a doubt, the trademark Smiley brings joy to every piece in the collection, while the bold, modern cuts that define H&M fashion are eye-catching and exciting.

Standout pieces include a jacquard-knit sweater vest boasting Smiley’s trademark faces in a variety of colours, and an oversized, baseball jacket featuring both embroidered and print motifs.

The launch of this collection comes as Smiley celebrates its 50th anniversary, at a time when the world needs all the positivity it can get. 

Smiley also collaborated with H&M through their SmileyWorld kids venture, releasing a fun and exciting collection in May 2022. Like this new range, the kids’ collection consists of fun and vibrant pieces that will keep you smiling all summer.

The range of H&M Mens and Womens Divided is available in 5000 stores worldwide, and online.