Monday October, 03

‘An incredible work of art and craftsmanship’

An incredible work of art and craftsmanship is here, after three years of development: the Richard Mille x Smiley watch.

The RM 88 Automatic Tourbillon Smile has decorative elements representing the Smiley world: a blossoming flower, rays of the sun, a delicious pineapple, a blooming cactus, a pink flamingo and a brightly-coloured rainbow.

The striking Smiley figure in yellow gold – micro-blasted and painted – features over this landscape. No effort has been spared in the finishing, down to the tiniest detail of each element in this display.

Brimming with fun and enthusiasm, the watch is limited to just 50 pieces. “Light as it may seem, the creation of this ballet was a technical challenge of the highest order,” says the Richard Mille brand.

“But the dream has now become reality, with attention to detail and perfection taken to the utmost, breathing life into a veritable smile mechanism.”

CEO of Smiley, Nicolas Loufrani, called the watch “the most incredible product we have ever launched”, adding: “It is a real privilege to be part of the very few brands and artists who collaborate with [them].”