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The Power Of A Smile

I think it's obvious that the Smiley family truly believes in the power a smile has to change the world, but have you ever stopped to consider how powerful a smile really is? Here are some very real and important benefits smiling more could have on us. We've added some GIF's to hopefully get a smile out of you along the way too, but the interenets full of funny videos, songs and photos! Got some you think will make us smile? Send them our way. 

Better Than Chocolate

You know how you fancy chocolate when you feel down, well sorry to dissapoint, but you won't need any going forward. Smiling stimulates our brain better than chocolate, chemically speaking, one smile = 2000 bars of chocolate! No, we're not reccomending you test that out and compare the two!

Keeping You Healthy

Please don't take this as a suggestion to replace exercise with smiling more (check out our blog post on Free Resources To Help You Exercise At Home) but smiling realeases a chemical in the brain which is pretty good for us! Producing mood-enhancing hormones, reducing high blood pressure and reducing stress among other things.

Helping You Cope & Adjust

It's an understantement to say we're living in difficult times and stress levels are on the rise, which means it's never been so important to find things to smile about. In particular, research has shown that smiling can help people deal with negative emotional events. One particular study found that the more a research group smiled or laughed, the better they were managing their grief 25 months after a tragic event. Without a shadow of a doubt, now is the time to put this into practice. 

Smiling Is Contagious

We promise that's not a myth! Humans evolved to mimic each others expressions and; considering the positive effect of smiling, this is surely a huge positive! Has there ever been a more adequate time to spread wellbeing than today? So, make it your task to spread smiles, why not start start by sharing this post with your friends and loved ones?

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