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How watching cute animal videos keeps you positive & smiley!

It might seem obvious, but here at Smiley we're obssessed with finding things that make us smile and figuring out why exactly they do so! Fortunately, this means spending lots of time looking at adorable animal videos and sharing them with the rest of the world, so we can all smile together. That being said, have you ever stopped to think why? Why do these cute furry beings cause us so much joy and happiness? Well, it turns out theirs real science behind it all and it can help in more ways than one!

Avoid Stress By Having A Mood Boost 

A study performed by researcher Barbara Fredrickson found that things which raise our spirits or lift our mood (e.g.the cute video above) can have escalating positive effects. She calls it an “upward spiral of positivity”, which we think sounds lovely! Turns out this can lead to a resilience to stress and lot's of other positive wellbeing releated benefits. So send us more panda videos please!

Get A Productivity Boost!

Working from home can be difficult and keeping producitvte is tough. Fortunately for all of us, it turns out cute animal videos can help! A researcher from Japan called Hiroshi Nittono used the game Operation to show that looking at pictures & videos of cute animals (including grumpy cat) boosted not only our mood, but also producitivty & brain power!

Get Out Of The Blues

We've all been there, waking up feeling down is not the way to go! There's lots of things that can help, from gratitude journaling to sticking on your favourite record, but several studies have found that videos can have a bigger effect on our mood than a lot of those other techniques, which means ... more animal videos for us!

Keep Your Partner Happy


This one's for all those couples couped up together during isolation. Researchers have found that their could be potential benefits to couples viewing pictures or videos of cute animals as it can help people to feel more positively about things (and people) in their lives .. so go one, cook a nice meal and put on The Dodo on Youtube (check out our article 5 YOUTUBE CHANNELS TO HELP KEEP YOU POSITIVE & SMILEY for more Youtube channels to keep you happy).

Avoid Social Media Negativity

We're living in an era where social media in full of negative posts about social and political turmoil. It turns out this builds stress. So, taking time out of from this negativity and using the internet to help us feel better can definately help us all stay Smiley during this difficult time. The takeaway from all of this .. watch more cute animal videos!

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