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5 YouTube Channels To Help Keep You Positive & Smiley

Stuck at home in isolation whilst a virus rampages through the country? We've got you covered! Here's 5 YouTube channels that will keep a smile on your face and bring some much needed positivity to your day.


A channel described by The Irish Mirror as ‘positive & inspiring’ is exactly what we could all do with right now! YesTheory started out as a series of challenges designed to push the group outside of their comfort zone, their content has been praised as "consistently radiating positivity and promoting living life with an open mind". From videos that will make you tear up with joy to Will Smith jumping out of a plane. This channel is sure to help you see the bright side and smile that bit more!

The Dodo

Want to smile from ear to ear within seconds? Pets lower stress and depression, in fact even watching fish can even ease tense muscles. No wonder we’re all addicted to dog memes & cat TikToks! The Dodo take’s all of that, wraps it in a layer of cuteness and delivers it in bucket loads. Want to see an adorable baby otter swim for the first time? Tick! Just after cute fluffy dogs? Tick! After a video of a Hippo teasing a Crocodile? Tick! As their channel describes, they want people to fall in love with animals, be entertained while they’re doing it, and feel empowered to help animals in need. What a better way to bring some positivity to your day!

Drew Binsky

Bored of being stuck at home? Well, lucky for us we can join Drew on his adventures travelling the world and meeting some of the most inspiring people ever! He’s stuck in isolation at home just like the rest of us at the moment, but even then he’s taken the opportunity to interview some people he’d met in the past and talk about how the Coronavirus is affecting them. It’s honestly an incredibly inspiring channel that will make you forget you’re stuck in a tiny room and leave you with a big grin on your face.

Great Big Story

Great Big Story creates videos about five main categories; Human Condition, Frontiers, Planet Earth, Flavors, and Origins. Every one of those categories has videos that will educate, inspire and motivate you. From Mike Libecki exploring the last parts of the world that haven’t been seen, to videos about people who break expectations and societal norms. If you’re after some positivity that also stimulates your brain and educates you, then this is the place to start! 

Matt Davella

Looking to do a spot of self improvement whilst everything is shut down? Find most of the videos on YouTube a touch too serious? That’s where Matt Davella comes in, he takes on social experiments that could increase happiness, productivity, health etc and documents how he gets on with them. The beauty of his channel is that; as a filmmaker, he goes about this in a very entertaining and motivational way. He’s tried all sorts, minimalism, quitting Social Media for 30 days, meditation, fasting and lots more. He also has a section on his channel where he interviews some of the most influential people within their industry and asks them advice on subjects like mental health, happiness, productivity, sustainability and so on. If you’re looking for entertainment, positivity, education and self improvement all rolled into one, this could be the channel for you.

We would love to hear how you get on with those channels or if you've got any more you would reccomend! Why not get in touch through any of our Social Media channels. We'd love to hear from you!

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