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5 Tips To Help Us Keep Smiley & Positive Working From Home

Smiley has been focused on spreading positivity for close to 50 years and at times like this it becomes an even more important message. With lots of us working remotely or in isolation whilst the coronavirus spreads havoc, it’s easy to let negativity take its effect on us which can in turn impact our productivity and our daily happiness. That is exactly why we thought it was of vital importance to remind ourselves of steps we can take to keep positive and stay smiley whilst working remotely.

Loneliness can take its toll when you’re isolated and don’t have face to face interaction with colleagues. Not to mention how difficult it can be to complete work tasks when there’s no one there to help you regain perspective, problem solve or share accomplishments with. That’s where checking in with co-workers and your supervisor several times a day can help. It might even be a good idea to plan in a daily 5-10 minute team scrum, this can help identify any problems people are having throughout the day, but can also be a good chance for everyone to have some human interaction. So remember, need to brainstorm a project you are working on? Plan a Google Hangouts with your team and brainstorm away! Feeling like you might get distracted? Send your boss an update of what you're currently working on and give yourself a kick up the bum! Finished a task you’re incredibly proud of? Send your co-worker a message and let them know! Don't forget to keep it positive too, aske your workmates how they are, send a funny meme, keep it smiley!

When your main form of communication is email, it can be easy to focus on work and avoid all small talk, especially as we’re all focused on maintaining productivity during this tough period in time. A downside to this is that we can easily forget to congratulate each other on a job well done; which can in turn easily wear everyone down. Fortunately, it’s easy to make the most of the amazing technology we have at hand in order to share personal and professional successes. Why not make it a personal task to congratulate at least one colleague a day on a job well done? If you're feeling especially thankful you can even share a virtual high five on Skype. Get the whole office in that habit and we will all smile more! Remember to celebrate personal achievments and dates with your colleagues too, if it's someones birthday, send a message round!

We know it might sound tempting to sleep in, work in your PJ’s and stay in bed, however getting properly dressed and having a good morning routine will not only help your mindset and increase productivity, it will also mean you’re ready for a video chat if your boss suddenly wants a meeting! Keeping both physically and mentally prepared for any situation will help you maintain a positive mindset and keep you smiling. Jenifer Kramer from Jenerosity Marketing says "I find that the most important thing for me is to keep a regular routine and to shower and dress every day as if I were going to an actual office"

Our wonderful bodies are capable of releasing these incredible chemicals called endorphins, they’re honestly our bodies miracle cure for the blues, which is kind of lucky during this period in time! Fortunately for us there's an easy way to boost endorphins, which in turn increases happiness and concentration, great for keeping positive whilst increasing productivity. It’s called exercise! Why not look into yoga. find a good exercise routine on YouTube, or just stretch a few times a day? Any of those will get the blood flowing and those endorphins working their magic.

Having access to the kitchen all day long can either be our saving grace … or our absolute downfall. Time for lunch? Don’t be tempted to grab a pizza. Need a snack? Avoid the packet of Doritos in the cupboard. Not only will eating more fruit and veg keep you healthy, productive and positive. It will also help boost your immune system which is of vital importance at the moment. A healthy body keeps us Smiley. Got a sweet tooth? Why not build a reward system into your work day and reward yourself with a sweet treat if you accomplish all your tasks for the day!

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