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5 Resources To Help Keep You Healthy & Exercise At Home

With the current situation meaning lot's of people are staying at home, it's as important as ever to keep healthy and find ways to replace the day to day excersie we would be normaly doing! Our mental and physical wellbeing goes a long way towards keeping us happy and smiling. So here's 5 free resources you and your family might find helpful to stay fit and healthy at home!

Yoga with Adriene

For Yoga Experts and complete beginers this YouTube channel is a god send. These peaceful and effective yoga sessions can help you destress, keep calm, soothe achy muscles and keep a smile on your face! As an added bonus there's a dog in some of the videos!

P.E with Joe

Looking to replace the kids P.E lessons for some home excersise but don't know where to start? Lucky for you Joe has been doing daily P.E lessons over on his channel! We'd love to know how the kids get on!


Looking after an all round excersise channel that includes workouts, dance sessions and excersise for the whole family? Look no further, this cheerful channels has hundreds of excersise videos for the whole famile! If you miss hanging out at the gym doing aerobics sessions, then this might just be the channel for you!


For those weight lifters and body builders out there who have been missing their gym sessions whilst stuck in isolation, this channel has you covered! Theirs some great routines to do at home and you'll be breaking a sweat in no time!


Having to think of more recipes than ever before whilst the whole family is at home all week? Goodful is chocka block of great healthy recipes and wellebing advice that's simple for the whole family! 

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