Can I submit my design to Smiley?

Please do not submit any design ideas to us through our website, we will not look at them for legal reasons.  If you are interested in doing design work for Smiley a freelancer or full-time in our London office, you may submit your portfolio to

Does my design infringe on Smiley’s copywriting?

If you think the design you have created infringes on our various IP rights, we are not able to help advise you, you would need to seek independent legal advice. But as a rule of thumb, if you think it might, there is a strong likelihood it does.

Do you provide licensee lists?

No, we do not provide licensee lists. However, if you fill out the contact form and tell us what retailer you work for and what products you are interested in, we can introduce you to a specific licensee

I am a business and want to get in touch, how do I do this?

We only respond to business inquiries from a company email address and with in-depth information about your business.